Our Poppin' Shad Has Arrived!

We received our shipment of Poppin' Shad and they should be available to purchase at Tackle Warehouse by the end of February!

The Poppin' Shad is our first mass production lure. This is a walking topwater bait unlike anything else on the market. The shad profile and low floating nature of the bait allow you to work it slow or fast, and when it walks it displaces a lot more water than your typical dog bait. More displacement means more vibrations moving through the water column which means fish can find this bait from deeper and murkier water. The colors are Bone, Holographic Shad, Bluegill, and Sexy Shad.

LoPro Weights

LoPro weights are an RPE Tackle original. These weights were designed to be fished with today's beaver style plastics. The flat profile allows these weights to look more natural when paired with beaver plastics, it also gives the beaver a side to side fall. As we fish these more and more we have discovered that they also fish great with tube jigs and the heavier sizes work well for punching. When fished aggressively with tube jigs, the unique shape of these weights give the tube a nice darting action. The thin profile also helps cut through weed mats while punching allowing you to use a lighter weight than you might use with a worm or flipping weight. These are currently available in 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, and 1 oz sizes. For 2019 we may expand to some 1/16th oz sizes based on requests we have had.

RPE Tackle Update