New Squarebill!

We have been designing and testing a new squarebill design over the past couple months and we think we have our design completed. To start with this project, we are planning on making our own mold and manufacturing a small batch of production lures. The squarebill has a slightly fatter body than most on the market and has a very wide wobble. Initial testing has us pretty excited about this bait, we're hoping to roll them out the small batch this spring with a mass production goal of 2020.

The Speakeasy!

We started designing the Speakeasy in the spring of 2018. This is a topwater wire bait and there is nothing else like it on the market. We fished it many times against a buzzbait and the results were so impressive we decided we had to go into production. We will have small numbers of this available in the spring, we are not releasing pictures of it yet however because we do not want it copied. You will want one of these in your tackle box when the buzz bait bite is on.